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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  January 18, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> this is wjz tv. and, baltimore. >> from the city, to the counties, to your neighborhood... now is complete coverage. it's wjz. maryland's news station. >> roadside danger, a maryland state trooper is struck by a hit-and-run driver. >> his shocking driving record and the charges he's facing now. >> hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. >> a state trooper is hit by a car while writing a ticket. and tonight the man behind the wheel faces a slew of charges. we have more on how he was caught. weijia? >> reporter: police say after he waited for several days, that man finally turned himself in this morning, for something they say could have killed that
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trooper. police say 30-year-old matthewwood plowed into a state trooper with his car, then sped away. >> we've lost troopers in the line of duty, on traffic stops, in situations just like this. >> reporter: it happened on sunday at 1:20 in the morning. the trooper was stopped on northbound i-83 when police saywood sideswiped him, a dangerous yet all too familiar scene. in june, 27-year-old theresa rigby, a bolt more city officer, was nearly killed when a car slammed into her. in fact, authorities were hit so often on the road, maryland enforced a new law last fall. drivers are required to move over or slow down when emergency vehicles are stopped. drivers say they move over when they can, but sometimes there's nowhere to go. >> i will stop on the brakes until i'm sure that my car has
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enough space to maneuver in between, and then i move. >> reporter: if you don't move over and an accident results, the fine is $153 and three points on your license. even if there's no accident, you'll face $110 and get one point. a search of court records reveals woods' tarnished driving record, charged with attempting to drive drunk, speeding and driving with suspended registration and no tags. and for these most recent charges, woods was actually released from jail earlier today on a 275,000 bond. reporting live, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right. thank you very much. the 38-year-old trooper involved in the crash has been treated and released from the hospital, although he is still recovering from injuries. a dangerous case of road rage tonight. state police arrested a driver for firing several shots at a
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car. the confrontation started when a driver cut off another car. nicholas hiderant pulled out a gun and started shooting, but no one was hurt. officers talked with the woman who was hoarding animals. 40 animals were removed from the home, including 19 kept in a freezer. we learned the woman once worked with an animal rescue group. so far, she's not been charged. a maryland lawmaker is saying enough is enough when it comes to animal abuse. he wants the state to create an animal abuse registry. meghan mccorkell explains how it could stop more abuse from happening. >> reporter: senator ronald young tells me that ever since his office started considering an animal abuse registry, they've gotten phone calls from animal advocates saying the state needs this now.
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a helpless yorkshire terrier tossed off of a balcony. 150 cats found in squalid conditions inside this home. then this man is accused of beating kittens to death. >> all of a sudden i'm hearing cases all over the state. >> reporter: that's why state senator ronald young is taking a stand, to prevent convicted abusers from getting another animal. >> we want pet stores and human societies, whatever, so check. and if you're on the animal abuse registry, you can't get another pet. >> reporter: if the bill passes, the animal abuser's photo and address would be listed on the registry for years. the registry would be public. >> this really sends a message that this felony crime is going to be taken seriously. >> reporter: eileen gabey says a registry would be an
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invaluable tool for all rescue groups. >> i think it will be helpful for groups both big and small to be able to have access to consolidated information. >> reporter: information that could relevant a helpless animal from getting into the wrong hands. senator young plans to introduce that bill sometimes next week. reporting live, meghan mccorkell. >> thank you. the proposed legislation is modeled after an animal abuse registry already in effect in massachusetts. the captain of the crippled cruise ship in italy officer a new excuse. he says he accidentally tripped and fell into a lifeboat in the middle of the chaos and that's why he didn't stay with the ship. rescue workers have called off their search for survivors. 11 are dead, 21 still missing. the captain is under house arrest, facing serious charges. a grandmother of four is
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facing deportation. the woman's family is fighting to keep her in the united states. >> reporter: six years ago, 59- year-old josephine vega came from mexico. she wanted to raise her four grandchildren. today her family and friends rallied to keep her in the u.s. in the coming months, vega faces deportation back to mexico. in june, he was arrested for driving without a license. the policy temporarily freezes deportation for illegal immigrants who have no criminal records. >> if the program has been implemented effectively, this case should have been closed. >> reporter: alex organized a rally. she says rodriguez vega has no
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other family in mexico. >> she has really no one. >> reporter: rodriguez vega's son says his family pleaded with immigration officials. >> sometimes i feel bad. and sometimes i feel angry, because i don't think it's fair that someone of that age is in jail right now. >> wjz contacted immigration officials. they won't say when rodriguez vega will be deported. an inner harbor landmark carousel has been an attraction for 31 years but it could be closed by the end of next month. the city says the owner hasn't been paying rent. he tells wjz he's planning to fight the eviction order. trouble for jack young. he may have violated city ethics laws by going to last week's ravens game.
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young watched the game from ray lewis's private skybox. city lawmakers are not allowed to accept tickets to sporting events from people who do business with the city. young promises to pay. if you want to watch the ravens play this weekend, you u have less than an hour left to win play-off tickets. wjz is your home for complete coverage. jessica kartalija reports on the color contest that could send you to the send. >> reporter: a can of paint could be your ticket to foxborough. >> one lucky fan will win a trip for two, and airfare travel, completely taken care of. >> reporter: undercover artists with the ravens painting gold ravens' logos in secret locations. >> we're going to be posting pictures and clues on our facebook fan page and we're
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encouraging fans to put the pieces together. once they find the stensils and upload it to facebook and you can win. >> i said, you know what? i jumped on the subway and made it down here. >> reporter: in baltimore county, there's a face you may not expect to see. >> we found this one here, and while we were here, so many people just walked right by. they didn't even see it. still others are seeing gold and hope they can make the trip to foxborough. >> we are so excited that the ravens may be going to the super bowl so we're hoping to win tickets to see them at the play-off game. >> we're so excited for them. if they made it this far, they can go all the way. >> reporter: since we've been here, fans have been coming all night. you do have until midnight to submit your photos.
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the ravens tell us they've already seen more than 300 entries. the winner will be announced tomorrow. at inner harbor, i'm jessica kartalija, abc news. >> the afc championship game kicks off sunday at 3:00, and wjz is your home for all the ravens excitement. don't miss our live championship special friday night. watch it live friday night at 7:30, right here on wjz 13. >> and coming up, a mystery straight out of hollywood. >> it feels awkward and uncomfortable and scary, obviously. >> the discovery that has puzzled police and has people on edge. >> and an actor's apologize, the controversial comments about 9/11. >> a chilly end to the week.
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i'm bob turk. i'll have your forecast coming up next. >> complete coverage continues... with denise koch, vic carter, kai jackson and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> it's 27 degrees. the pacific northwest is used to getting rain, but it is now dealing with the cold reality
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of snow. tow truck drivers are in high demand as the winter mess engulfs the area. >> a dramatic high-speed chase ends in a spectacular crash on a southern california freeway. officers were chasing a man and a woman on an alleged stolen motorcycle for almost 30 minutes, that's when the motorcycle rear-ended a car, throwing the drivers on the highway. they are being treated for serious injuries. a human head was discovered in hollywood. they say two hands and two feet have also been found and they're searching for more remains. police say the victim is a man in his 40's or 50's. actor mark wahlberg says his recent comments about 9/11
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was insensitive and he apologizes. he says if he was on one of the hijacked flights, he would have made sure the plane landed safely. many of your favorite websites had a different look today. they were participating in a protest against antipiracy legislation. the internet companies say the legislation is too broad and would hurt legitimate sites that share content. today's protests have had an effect. three republican senators say that are now withdrawing their support. a crime in our state's capital, in one of the busiest streets in annapolis. several vehicles had their gas stolen right out of the tank and tonight police are on the lookout for the people responded. >> they're going straight for the gas tank.
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>> it's brazen is all i can say. >> reporter: police say they're drilling holes directly into the gas tanks of small trucks. >> a drill obviously is going to be jail. it could create friction. >> i think they're stupid, because one of these days it's going to blow up. >> reporter: pete is a mechanic, where the gas hog has targeted several trucks. 11 brand-new trucks were drilled into late monday night. >> unfortunately it's not going to be something you might notice right away. the reason they picked up on it is they saw little bits of the gas underneath the car. but if you have a day when it's raining or you don't look every day, you might not notice it for a while. >> investigators are now checking to see whether any nearby surveillance cameras captured the crimes in
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progress. where, to, where is the "poe toaster" at last check, a bottle of cognac and a rose was at the grave. usually the mystery visiter leaves it after midnight, so we're not sure whether it is authentic. it was a rose rose and cognac, but... tonight's vigil could be the last one before calling an end to the tradition. >> they must have wrapped the cognac in that paper because we didn't really see the bottle. >> they don't want to advertise the brand. >> it's half empty. >> depends on how you look at it. >> always the case. we're down to 27. yesterday at this exact hour, we were still in the upper 50's. yeah. that was crazy. 27 now. no wind at all. dew point way down. barometer on the way back up,
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30.20. the hot spot, just above freezing still down by the river there. dc down to 29. locally 25 to 30 around the region. armer areas down by the bay. right now annapolis... to the west we talk about seattle. there is snow in the northwest. much of washington, oregon, northern california even got into this. the jet stream has dipped, allowing cold air to come in from alaska. so this whole region is well below normal. you've got moisture coming in from the pacific ocean. you're going to get snow. they'll probably see rain, but they still can see several inches of snow. for our system, a weak frontal system with chilly air behind it. friday it's going to get a little colder. temperatures about where they were today, maybe one or two degrees warmer. with that front coming through,
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there's a possibility we might see a flake of snow or two, but that chance is not that great. the big change will be friday night and saturday as warmer air begins to head back into our region. low pressure may approach the region. we might just see a little period of sleet and wet snow early on saturday morning and then, as it warms up, temperatures well above freezing, just a rain event. doesn't look like a lot of rain. i think probably 90% is going to be just liquid rain by saturday. looks like it's going to get back up into the upper 40's by the weekend. the bay temp, around 40 degrees. it's going to be cold, low to mid 20's. probably upper teens in suburban areas. increasing clouds. 41 tomorrow. maybe a flurry tomorrow night. 35 friday. saturday, a little rain, snow, sleet. then just a little rain.
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41 on sunday. and 50 already here on monday. denise? >> wow. thank you, bob. coming up, the ravens clear the air of controversy and focus on beating the patriots. >> the latest on the championship game preparations up next in sports. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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>> mark is here for our sports report. >> they're getting ready to play some football. he also says no one should be offended and all the ravens should be motivated. flacco says reese's initial comments caught him off guard, but now all the well. the ravens did have their first full practice. it is the conference title
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game. a trip to the super bowl is at stake. if you think the ravens may be distracted by any controversy, they say no way. >> i think, for our team, we have the right chemistry right now, we have guys whose been in the play-offs, who have had disappointments. we have a certain sense of things we want to do as a team. >> we all have to stick together and communicate together. it's a total team game. pretenders are going to be rooted out. >> ed ried is the only one listed on the injury report. he is still recovering from an ankle injury. at patriots practice in foxborough, one notable absence, quarterback tom brady did not participate. he has a sprained left shoulder. he has played despite it and he is expected to go against the ravens on sunday. we'll see how it plays out sunday. i'll be in foxborough.
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if you're staying home, tune right here to wjz, we'll bring you all the action. the game kicks off sunday at 3. coming up tomorrow, i'll go one- on-one with coach harbaugh. local college basketball, the tigers continue to add to a historic streak, taking on the top team from their conference, old dominion. tigers don't put up much of a fight. they've lost 38 straight. that is the longest streak in division 1 history. a struggling team can have good nights. the wizards at home against kevin durant and the oklahoma city thunder. the wizards find a way. off the turnover, jordan crawford to john wall. wizards get just their second victory this season and they snap what was a seven-game
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winning streak for thunders. >> ravens looking to snap that winning streak also. >> coming up, may ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> if that man ever has to chase down the joker in snow, he may want it in the bat mobile... this was made to llb as a tribute to its most popular product. this was in honor of ll bean's 100th anniversary. >> ice a big ol' hunk of
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sweetness in the case of this life-size storm trooper cake. the 6-foot-4 inch tall dessert included 155 pounds of marsh mallows. >> something disturbing ,,,,,,,,
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>> that's it for us tonight. >> i'm denise koch. thanks for watching. we hope you have a good night.


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